Leadership Beyond Limits

Always seeking for challenges, conceptualising solutions to the problem and leading the teams to achieve new breakthrough. I believe in “Today I will do what you won’t, so tomorrow I can do what you can’t.”

Experimenting Boundaries of Technology

Possibilities with technologies are beyond our imagination. I experiment them in the bid to create a solution which makes the world a better place.

Bring shine to the Community

Contribute actively to the community as a whole, giving a helping hand to other is something that can not only brighten up someone else day but gives me a sense of belonging to the community.

Mobile Application Development

Development of application on .NET and Microsoft’s platform have been my expertise and interest. These applications are widely available in their respective stores.

Online Development Tutorial

From time to time, I share some tips and tricks for development on Microsoft-related platform online. These tutorials are shared towards the end of my workshop and training sessions for a period.

Coding – the computer language

Ranging from Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Application (VBA), C# to Java. I’m constantly learning exploring new APIs in them to break new grounds.

"Cheng Lei's passion for technology and creative mind had help to bring overwhelming success on Project Rainmaker. He is a person who is eagerly exploring new grounds and is always open to feedback from others."

− Mr Seng Heng Chuah, Managing Director of Government Industry, Microsoft Corporation

"Cheng Lei is a person who has a strong sense of responsibility and had always been willing to render his support to his colleagues whenever needed. He has been extremely driven in his work, pushing boundaries, leading to him spearheading several initiatives on our team."

− Mr Ziriad Saibi, Director of Developer and Platform Evangelism Group, Microsoft Singapore

"I find Cheng Lei a fine and earnest young man. He is intelligent and quick, able to follow a discussion and chip in sensibly, despite his youth. He gets along well with his peers and with those much older than him, some much older."

− Mr George Yeo, Visiting Scholar of Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore

"Cheng Lei is a fast and motivated learner and takes responsibility for his own learning. He is an independent, innovative and technologically inclined student who takes up challenging problems and situation in his life head on."

− Ms Lin Zhao, Senior Lecturer, Singapore Polytechnic

"During his four years in the school, Cheng Lei was noted for being a responsible and enthusiastic student who set a very high standard for himself in any task he set out to accomplish as well as tasks assigned by both his subject and co-curricular teachers. He also distinguished himself by being a well-respected student that classmates and schoolmates looked up to for inspiration and motivation."

− Mr Mohammad Fazui b Buang, HOD of Humanities, Yuying Seconday School

"Cheng Lei is a feisty, active, motivated and dynamic individual, who is generous with his time. As a responsible leader, Cheng Lei can be depended upon to work with little supervision."

− MOE Secondary School Leaving Testimonal