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Guess the words, letters by letters through the hints given.

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Available on Windows Phone & Windows 8 Platforms

Improve Your Dictionary Based

Extreme Hangman challenges ones’ English vocabulary and put it to the limit through challenging and harder than general hints. We are always looking out words which are not popularly used or known to be included in your dictionary based. Put on your thinking cap; it is not going to be as easy as it seems.

Learning Tool for the Young

Learning through a more fun and interactive manner can be possible, Extreme Hangman brings you just that. You can use it as a tool to widen your English vocabulary and take the same time enjoys a casual game home on the train or bus.

Across All Age Groups

Regardless of your age, Extreme Hangman is a game for all to enjoy. You can be teasing your friends over a friendly competition during your parties or gathering. This is a game which fit into all occasions.


Wide Dictionary of Words

Over 100 words are available and picked by random, this list of words are ever growing by each update is push out for you. We always make it more challenging for you when the meaning used are not conventional ones.


Peek into Hints for Help

Each round includes three free hints for you to unlock three different letter at random to help you get a better idea of the word. But you still need your thinking cap to figure out the entire spelling of the word.


Touch & Keyboard Friendly

For the Windows 8 version of the Extreme Hangman app, it supports not only touch friendly gesture for the ease of use on tablets or touch enabled monitors. It also supports computers which are still using the traditional keyboard and mouse.

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