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Challenge with your friends to a game of quick reactions and skills.

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Available on Windows 8 Platform

Everyone’s Party Game

Designed to support at least two players, Hand Smash! is a great party game to introduce in your gathering and parties as a form of entertainment alternatives. You can top if off with your design forfeits.

Battle of the Quick Mind

Fake moves and a timely reaction all need to make you the winner of the Hand Smash! game between you and your friends. Each time you lose your rights to be the offensive, you will put yourself in the situation to hide.

Multi-Player Game

You need at least 2 players to get started with Hand Smash! Challenge your friends and see how to have the fastest reaction and skills to top the and win the crown of Hand Smash! champion between you all.


Gain your Bragging Rights

Each time you won a match on the Hand Smash! you will gain your rights to brag to all your friends on your social media platforms that you have yet won another friend.


Ten Hits and Three Chances

The games end when either you have managed to hit your opponent ten times or misses your hide three times. So, be aware of when you need to hide and hit your opponent. The turn switches each time you miss an attack.


Touch Friendly Only

At the current stage, Hand Smash! only support touch-friendly devices to support the multi-player gameplay. We cannot connect two mouse into a single computer yet, till then we are sorry that this game stays touch friendly only.

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