Beauty of Templates

Get your messages out and quick through template widely available on your phone.

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Templates from Olden Days

Remember the times where everyone holds a Nokia phone; it comes with a fantastic function in its message – templates. Quick Reply brought not only the long forgotten feature back into the 21st century of smartphones but added it’s own twist to it.

Unlimited Templates Available

There is no limit to the amount of template that can be stored into Quick Reply. We handle as many templates as your wish to have on your smartphone, but we advise you to keep them to 20 templates to avoid the clutter.

Personalised Experience

You can create your personalised templates by either editing the default templates or add new ones to Quick Reply. There is no limit to the amount of personalisation you would want to put into your templates.


From SMS to Email Messages

You apply this new template beyond the traditional short message messaging (SMS), Quick Reply also allows you to send your pre-set templates in forms of email to a list of email recipients that you want.


Pin those the Matter Most

You can choose to pin those template which matters most to you onto your Windows Phone start screen for easy access. Making the much easier to use them the next time, you won’t have to navigate through the menus and list.


Support all Versions of Windows Phone

This is one of the rare application which is already on Windows Phone store since the early days of Windows Phone 7. Till today, we still support the all version of Windows Phone make this one of the few application accessible to all Windows Phone users.

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