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Stay Updated On The Move

StockFolio supports both the Windows Phone and Windows 8 platforms; this allows you to obtain the same experience from mobile, tablet and desktop devices. The interface of StockFolio is also designed for friend use on touch-screen devices, which give you the ease of access when travelling on the road.

Tracking More With One

StockFolio supports various stock exchange markets within itself. You will be able to have an overview of the different exchange markets that stay closest to your heart at any one point in time. The current version supports only the major Asia stock exchange, and other exchange markets will be included in the future update.

Personalised Experience

You can make your StockFolio experience unique to yourself and like no others, only showing you the information that matters. This comes from the flexibility to customise your personal watchlist and the portfolio.


Beyond Stock Symbols

In StockFolio, you can easier search for the various stocks not only with the common stock symbol. You can also get to lookup for stocks through their company name. It gives you the ease of access to new stocks without having to research them.


Simplified Info Glance

Stock movements, history graphs, analyst predication and news, are readily available to you at your finger tips for each stock. This information are presented in light and modern way in StockFolio.


Touch & Keyboard Friendly

For the Windows 8 version of the StockFolio app, it supports not only touch friendly gesture for the ease of use on tablets or touch enabled monitors. It also supports computers which are still using the traditional keyboard and mouse.

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