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Step up to the challenge and see how much do you know about Singapore.

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Explore Unknown Facts of Singapore

There are many facts of Singapore which are not commonly known by average Singaporeans. Singapore has been incredibly unique in many ways, and we have created a “Singapore” cultural, start trying out and see how much do you know about Singapore.

Learning Tool for the Learners

Remember those times where Geography and History lesson back in secondary school about Singapore is taught through traditional textbooks. With The Singapore Quiz, learning will not be so boring after all challenging one and another while learning at the same time.

Across All Age Groups

Regardless of your age, The Singapore Quiz is a game for all to enjoy. You can be teasing your friends over a friendly competition during your parties or gathering. This is a game which fit into all occasions.


Wide Range of Questions

Spanning across 5 different topics and over 100 questions available in the game, you will never get bored and find the same old question over and over again. More questions are injected each them a new version update to release upon the application.


Beat the Clock, Squeeze the Brain Juice

You only get 7 minutes to complete all the question selected for that topic. 7 minutes seems to be a lot of time but when you are in the game that just doesn’t seem to be. You also have to make the wisest decision out of the four tricky options.


Touch & Keyboard Friendly

The Singapore Quiz supports not only touch friendly gesture for the ease of use on tablets or touch enabled monitors. It also supports computers which are still using the traditional keyboard and mouse.

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